Best subwoofer for home 2020

A quality sound system can enhance your listening experience. The subwoofers which is indispensable as far as crafting the bass end or the lower ones in a musical piece is considered is a must-have for a music lover. However, there are different types of subwoofers.  The size of the subwoofer that would be required would depend on the size of the room. for a small room, 100 watts subwoofer would be sufficient. However, for a larger room or a house with open walls to the other parts of the house, you would need a larger bass to fill the space. here we list 5 best subwoofer for home.

Subwoofers for your home

Owing to the difference in the type of subwoofer that has to be chosen for a quality musical experience, we shall consider the different types of subwoofers and the advantages they offer instead of considering the subwoofers of the same kind offered by different brands. Let us consider the most popular ones.

Polk Audio PSW505

This is a single powered subwoofer that is believed to provide 300 watts continuous power and 450 watts dynamic power. It is a subwoofer that qualifies as the best in overall performance.  The frequency range of the woofer is 23-160hz. The phase switch enables the blending of the speakers smoothly. The subwoofer is eco-friendly as it reduces energy consumption by switching off when there is inactivity for over 15 minutes.

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Bic America F12

This 475-watt subwoofer is adjudged the best large output subwoofer.  The clarity, as well as the range of these subwoofers, are hard to beat.  The output capability of the woofer is around 119db. The frequency range is about 25-200hz. It is a patented subwoofer that successfully cancels port noise at high volume.

Klipsch Reference R-112SW

This subwoofer delivers 600 watts bass and is rightly adjudged the best bass response woofer in the market.  The refined design with a  spun copper in the middle of the unit gives it an attractive look while delivering exceptionally low frequencies with clarity. The subwoofer is considered to be an ideal companion for both music systems and home theaters. However, the unit has to be handled with care as it is susceptible to scratches. It is also quite heavy weighing about 50 pounds that questions its flexibility regarding placement.

Sonos SUB

This is one of the best wireless subwoofers in the market. They work as a standard wired subwoofer despite being a wireless one. this is indeed the distinguishing factor when compared to other wireless subwoofers.  The simple one-button system and the sleek and stylish design add to the attraction.

Klipsch Sub-12 HG synergy Series

This 300-watt subwoofer is a full-size woofer that has been adjudged as the best model that offers value for money. It is enabled with bash digital amp and a number of connectivity options. Increased bass response, warm and rich bass and low level of distortion are the plusses of this synergy series subwoofer.

Having mentioned the different subwoofers and their positives it is time to choose one of them. But, the decision as to which is best for you depends on consideration and due weightage that is given to factors like the size, placement and power of the subwoofer. It would have to be considered in conjunction with your home and where you are about to place the woofer.