Gas Fire Pit Vs. Wood-Burning Fire Pit: Comparison

Fire Pits have turned into the point of convergence of porches and open-air living spaces. There is only something about lounging around a warm flame with loved ones. When considering a flame pit, one of the leading choices to make is to whether to go with a wood consuming or a gas fire pit. We have assembled a rundown of Pros and Cons for each to enable you to locate the ideal flame pit for your space.


If you pick a wood consuming flame pit, you have to ensure there is a lot of wood close-by so you can generally enough fuel supply. Also Helpful for camping and outdoor activities.

On the off chance that you pick a gas fire pit, you have to think about whether your home as of now has a gas line set up for flammable gas as your fuel type or that you have simple access to refilling a propane tank.


A wood consuming flame pit is going to set aside significantly less effort to introduce in your lawn than a flammable gas fire pit.

A wood consuming flame pit can take 50-75% to introduce than a flammable gas fire pit.

You likewise need to consider the time it will take to accumulate wood, cleave the wood and store it.

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Contingent upon how frequently you plan on utilizing your gas fire pit, you can have a propane tank somewhere in the range of 15 gallons to 100 gallons, which requires stockpiling tank.

You likewise need to think about what you won’t need a propane tank merely lounging around in the manner or conflicting with the look and structure of your terrace so you should have an inventive spot to store it.

With a wood consuming flame pit, you will require wood that requires extra room someplace on your property. You will need to have a spot for putting away your wood that won’t reduce your home’s open-air scene and appearance. Ensure you don’t stack your wood close to your home since wood can at times harbor termites! Yowser!


With regards to comfort, gas fire pits, regardless of whether it is a petroleum gas fire pit or a propane gas fire pit, win without a doubt. When utilizing a gaseous petrol fire pit, you can essentially turn it on with the flip of a switch. You don’t need to stress over having wood adjacent, hiding away or hacking up wood.

There is likewise no tidy up to stress over in the wake of utilizing your petroleum gas fire pit not at all like when you use a wood consuming flame pit. Also, you won’t smell like a stack after lounging around a petroleum gas fire pit.


With a gas fire pit, you should think about gas spills, even though this is hugely uncommon when a gas fire pit is introduced expertly.

With a wood consuming flame pit, you need to take wellbeing measures with cutting wood, stacking wood, lighting a flame with wood, and smothering a fire. Look at additional for flame pit security rules here.


Wood is an inexhaustible asset, while gas isn’t. Be that as it may, gas is a great deal cleaner to consume than wood, so to the extent which one is all the more earth inviting – it’s far from being obviously true.

One interesting point is that on the off chance that you have companions or family with asthma or breathing issues, gas is a greatly improved alternative in light of the fact that there is no smoke to stress over.