Tips to consider while buying best Ice shaver

Ice shaver machines are very useful in shaving ice to make icy treats that can be refreshing on a hot day which includes slushies, snow cones, etc.  however, the quality of the ice shavings or rather how fine they are shaved depends on the ice shaving machine that is used for the same. you can expect great results and quality ice shavings in quite a short time if you make your choice carefully.

Factors to consider

The factors or rather features that you should look for in an ice shaving machine that would ensure the best results include


The capacity of the ice that the shaving machine can hold for shaving purposes depends on the size of the machine. A bigger machine means that you need to refill it less often. This means making icy treats for family and friends would necessitate a larger shaving machine. However, smaller machines are ideal in terms of storage as well as in cases when you generally make only one or two servings at a time most of the time except for some rare occasions.


As you know the powerful motors would generally be helpful in shaving ice at a faster rate,  you have ice shaving machines that consume as little as 30 watts to those which operate at 300 watts.  But, you must note that those that have less powerful motors are generally inexpensive than the ones with powerful motors.  It is better to opt for low wattage machines for home use and go in for high watt machines only if it is going to be used extensively for shaving lots of pounds of ice.

Texture of ice

There are ice shaving machines that shave iceblocks while there are a number of them that use ice cubes. There is indeed a difference in the texture of ice that is produced from iceblocks and ice cubes. It goes without saying that the best texture is achieved in the case of machines that use iceblocks. You can make the choice of the machine depending on your personal preference as to whether you would like to have powdery snow-like shavings or iceballs or chips.


The ice shaver machines are made of different materials. Some of them are made of plastics while there are others that are made of metal.  Both of the materials have their set of pros and cons. In general, a machine that is well-built and made of BPA-free plastic can generally last as long as the metal -making machines and could feature an attractive design which would make it ideal for display in case of a party.

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Ease of use

Shaving iceblocks is a laborious process when compared to feeding the machines with ice cubes. However, it is not quite difficult. You can always choose a machine in which you could use iceblocks as well as ice cubes so that you can get ice of different textures depending on the requirement.


Price is indeed an important factor when it comes to buying an ice shaver because you definitely would not wish to spend a lot of money on an ice shaver that you might not be used on a regular basis.

Choose carefully!