Top-rated patio umbrellas in the market

Patio umbrella makes your outdoor space a perfect spot for entertaining guests or simply for relaxing even during the hot summer days. Patio umbrellas are designed to withstand the weather elements and the best ones last for long periods. Apart from providing shade, a patio umbrella also adds style to your outdoor space. Patio umbrellas come in a host of shapes, sizes, styles, colours, fabrics and other features.

Some of the Best patio umbrellas to be found in the market have been mentioned here.

Hampton Bay Solar Offset Umbrella

Hampton Bay Solar Offset Umbrella is an 11-foot patio umbrella having a cantilever style canopy. The fabric of the umbrella is Olefin which is resistant against weather elements and stains. The pole and the ribs of the umbrella are made of steel and aluminium, which impart durability. The umbrella comes equipped with 40 solar lights which are powered by a solar cell present on the top of the umbrella. The base of the umbrella has empty sandbags which need to be filled to fix the umbrella to the ground. The umbrella comes in five colour options.

Gemmenne Square Cantilever Umbrella

Gemmenne patio umbrella has a 10-foot square-shaped cantilever canopy. The tilt and lock mechanism of the umbrella enables you to adjust the tilt of the handle as per your requirement and lock it in place. The canopy can also be rotated. The fabric of the umbrella is polyester which provides protection against both rain and sun and is highly durable. The base of the umbrella needs to be filled with water or sand to hold it on the ground.

Wondershade Portable Umbrella

Wondershade patio umbrella is portable and can be carried to camps, pools, beaches and other places in a bag which is provided with the umbrella. The umbrella is collapsible, and it does not take more than 5 minutes to assemble it. The width of the canopy is 5 foot. The height of the umbrella can be adjusted from three to eight feet due to its telescopic base. The umbrella has a tripod base. Gust proof vents are present on the umbrella, and it also has a sand screw with a twist handle. The pole of the umbrella has two cup holders and two hooks.

Le Papillon Double-Sided Umbrella

La Papillon has two sides which form a 15-foot canopy. The extra-large canopy provides good coverage and is ideal for a large patio featuring numerous pieces of furniture. There are 12 ribs made of steel to support the canopy. The central rod is 2 inches thick to support the extra-large canopy properly. A crank handle is present to open and close the umbrella.

California Round Umbrella

California round umbrella has a scalloped border. The size of the canopy is 7.5 foot. The canopy can be tilted in three ways by a button present at the joint of the pole. A crank lift mechanism is present to open and close the umbrella. The fabric of the umbrella is polyester which is easy to clean. This umbrella is suitable for patios with limited space.